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At APMC, we help organisations improve their performance primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement. Our main focus is the strategies, structures, management, efficient and effective operation of an organisation. We dedicate our services to solely ensuring that we enable and equip our client with the best knowledge to run thier organisation successfully.


African Proficient Management Consulting's goal is being a value-adding long term partner, enabling leadership and innovation in management consulting.


APMC's mission is to ensure that our services, no matter the nature, make a significant and positive change in our client's business.


We strongly believe that an innovative and value-oriented culture is a vital element to the successs of APMC and its sustainability over a long term period. We therefore openly commit and ensure that the principles of corporate governance and business ethics practice are consistently applied to strengthen and uphold our values.


Operations Management

APMC’s offer is to conduct an investigation on the company’s overall performance and identifying the dysfunctional aspects of the business and those that just need a bit more attention. We analyse the various structures and systems of the organisation, set objectives and goals. After the investigation and the problems have been identified, our focus is solely on developing and conducting a plan to redesign the organisation to best fit and tackle our client’s problems

Financial Advisory

Clear Financial and Budgetary Planning. The financial management services that APMC offers are mainly advisory and supportive to clients. This is to ensure that they make sound business decisions, by acknowledging all the influencing factors, avoiding financial challenges and the ability to predict future financial challenges. We achieve this by offering clear financial and budgetary planning which ensures that clients know the financial implication of any decision before implementation.

Actuarial Advisory Services

With this service we are focused on managing risk for our clients inorder for them to make informed business decisions. Our highly skilled team of consultants offer a wide range of actuarial and risk management solutions which include but not limited to, Financial Business Modelling, Actuarial Valuations, and Enterprise Risk Solutions.

Strategy Development

APMC is equipped with the knowledge, experience and expertise which enables us to study our client’s market and develop strategies that will guarantee growth in its industry and maximize profits. It is quite a challenge for small companies to get their foot in the door, as it is also a challenge for big corporations to stay on top of their market. It is our mission to ensure that our clients explore all the business ventures that will ensure maximum success.

Policy Development

APMC focuses on developing policies for our clients with the aid of their departments/divisions who have an insight on the organisation’s internal affairs. APMC conducts research with the employees in consultation with the key executives on what they would like to have addressed in the organisation’s policies. Our mission is to ensure that the needs of the stakeholders are addressed and also ensuring that productivity in the work place is maximized.

Finance Strategy

This service is vital for every company as it ensures the management of the funds and expenses of an organisation. Our focus is on analysing our client’s financial performance and ensure that we cut out any unnecessary expenses and also maximize profitability by tightening our client’s budget. We specialise in reviewing and redesigning accounting policies and procedures, reviewing and tackling audit enquiries and overseeing journal entries.

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